Justin a.k.a "Grim" (supersonic_710) wrote in ps_fuck_you,
Justin a.k.a "Grim"

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pardon me but :
oly fuck that is fucking AMAZING!

the detail is unreal! looks like it lifts itself off of you.

wow im all hot n bothered now lol
Looks awesome!!! XD

I have a star but its black with feathered in purple :)

Very hot!
Wow... this is so freaking cool!
I love it, I really, really do. :)
I agree with Mel, this is HOT
haha it so TOTALLY is!! <3
*hugs her girly*

And my boyfriend despises tattooes, hates them with a passion. And I have two! (I'm hoping I'm breaking him in a bit) I LOOOOOOVE tattoos! I guess that is what makes us opposites :P

well ive got'n a new journal but im glad to see you guys liek my tattoos ive got'na nother yet bigger n more colorful one or 2 lol ill show em soon