The One and Only (bloodyjuly) wrote in ps_fuck_you,
The One and Only

"hey are you drunk?"
Well let's see, if i'm staggering around and i look disheveled. what the fuck do you think? and why would it fucking matter to you anyway? and just because i'm not completely sober does NOT give you any right to even THINK that you can do anything with me. i may not be really pretty or skinny, but you know what? i have morals. and standards.

"come on. just give me a kiss"
yeah. fuck you. seriously. you're such a piece of shit. how dare you! how fucking dare you grab at my wrists and touch me where i don't want to be touched. i wouldn't even let my fucking boyfriend do that shit. let alone some drunken asshole who i can't stand.
i hate you. i do. i truely and fully hate you with every fiber of my being. you're a waste of space. "HI I'M 22 AND I'M A 3RD YEAR COLLEGE FRESHMAN"
just go drink yourself to death already. i mean really.

"i just want to fuck you"
really? that's funny. last thing i heard from you is that you don't fuck ugly fat bitches. that you're good looking enough to get any female you want. you're so shallow and full of yourself. do you act like that because you know you're a pathetic excuse for a man and a human being? or do you really believe everything that comes out of your disgusting mouth.

and you...the follower. the one who kisses the ground he fucking walks on. you make me sick. "hi i'm a wrestler. i'm big and strong" FUCK. YOU. you stood back and watched. you sick fuck. and you weren't nearly as drunk as him. and video taping it? yeah. real fucking cool. in my mind, you're just as worthless as him.

oh and one more thing. when some one yells "no stop, you're hurting me" that's a signal to get your fucking hands off whoever you're touching.

i just want you to fall off the face of the earth. i've done nothing but sit in my room and have anxiety attacks all fucking day. i can't deal with this shit. i have finals and the rest of my fucking life to worry about. why should i even make this a big deal? i don't know. maybe because it shouldn't have happend.

who knows. maybe i should've just given you what you wanted. then you might've let me be. or perhaps you would've tried to take it further. yeah...i pick the latter of the two. why? because you're a horrible person who doesn't care about anything or anyone but yourself. you drunken son of a bitch. i hope you rot in hell and if you ever even think about coming near my friends, my room, shit even my floor...i will not hesitate to knock your fucking teeth out with a baseball bat. i swear to god. i won't stop until i see blood.

I want you dead more than any thing in the world.
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