dude (catacronic) wrote in ps_fuck_you,

Happy March PS fuck us people! been a while for me, here's something I thought was kinda cool

I opened my glossy eyes and watched the crowd ignore our primal unison. I shifted my calves, savoring the soft feel of the silk stockings that rode up to my thighs. Then, squeezing against him harder, I lifted myself and then drove myself down again atop his rock hard cock. Beneath me he trembled, and I felt the wake against my inner walls.
I bit my lip, staving off orgasm. This had to last as long as possible. I leaned against him, and whispered against his ears in a soft warm breath, "I'm not letting you off that easy, my beautiful Fuck God." Squirming on his lap, I pressed my lips against his neck kissing the flesh there and smiling. I was going to torture him, and myself, before I let either of us off the hook.
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