i_love_dead (i_love_dead) wrote in ps_fuck_you,

pretty flowers

they're so pretty,
as they chatter away,
strike me as petty,
hollow and fake,
the flowers of the year,
back-stabbers so quiant,
their aroma of fear,
whisper-hushed smiles,
can tear each other in two,
over boys, parties, and style,
mercy is such a rue,
sunlight brings out the truth,
another dies and wilts,
the flowers watch amused,
whisper-hushed kills,
why may i notice?
it's just what i have learned,
i am just a locust,
waiting for my turn,
to destroy the pretty flowers,
show them their fate,
past the may showers,
it's a date,
i bide my time,
watch the Mall geoncide,
'suits me just fine,
'along for the ride,
they choke one another,
without reason or mercy,
so vicious i shudder,
a mean-girls-turney,
they live by a creed,
the pretty survive,
on the weak flowers feed,
thankful by winter they'll all die.

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