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.watch me turn you inside out.

..my soul, pierced by jagged whispers..

.An Empty Heart Full of Hate.
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Feel free to join. There are a few restrictions and regulations that must be followed. Below are what is and isn't acceptable, as well as the rules. So Please read carefully, and I hope you enjoy this Community. Its all about having fun. Please keep in mind that what is thought to be disturbing and unfitting, maybe be comforting and interesting to others, and vice versa.

~ Quotes
~ Poetry
~ Lyrics
~ Icons
~ Venting
~ Erotic stories (oops, there was a typo)
~ Insightful thoughts
~ Drawings
~ Photoshopped art
~ PICTURES :D (Portraits, Close ups, Gothic, Topless, Undies/Boxers, tattoos, piercings, anything)

General rules:
~ NO HARSH COMMENTS or spamming. Banning will be immediate.
~ Do not advertise other communities.
~ Please use the Lj-cut Tag to cut down entry sizes. ( < lj-cut text="(enter your text here)" > and at the end type < /lj-cut >)
~ It would be prefered if all posts were marked as "FRIENDS".
~ Stay active with the community and Promote it!

~Use this banner when promoting.

~Link it by typing this.

-Thanks XD

Rules for Quotes and Poetry:
~ Comment and credit
~ If post is relatively large, place behind an Lj-cut tag.

Rules for Icons, Photoshoped Art and Pictures:
~ Comment and credit (in keywords)
~ When posting multiple graphics, three (3) teasers in post, all other must be behind an lj-cut tag. All graphics above a "PG" rating should also be place behind a cut tag to prevent issues for people viewing this community from work or areas where some images may not be work safe and/or appropriate.
~ No direct linking.

All entries that do not comply to the rules will be deleted!

If you have any questions you can email me at mel_132@hotmail.com

Thanks once again, You're here to have fun :D

<333 Your Maintainers, Mel (mellymoo) and Amy (societysedso)