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Ah Man I have no been this angry in a long time. Let's just say: I hate everyone.

I should start off by saying that I don't have everyone. Just...a lot of people right now. Anywho, back to the point:

TripAndFell--A guy Brittany used to like
FlowerBoy--A guy who used to like Brittany
SnowboardMan--A guy Brittany really likes, but doesn't know yet
Ryan--The Ex, ya know.
CrazyBitch--Ryan's girlfriend, friend of TripAndFell
UglyBitch--TripAndFell's new.."lady friend"

Okay, so Ryan and I have been in contact still, ever since we broke up. We hang out sometimes, talk on the phone, ya know, the usual friend thing. His girlfriend, CrazyBitch, hates me. With the passion of a million burning suns. Not even joking. So, CrazyBitch never knew that Ryan and I were talking, let alone hanging out. Whatever, who cares. Well, she found out that he and I still talk. Pretty sure she freaked out. Not 100% sure, cuz..he won't talk to me. I called him; won't answer the phone. A text; no reply. I'm over it. Him and CrazyBitch can go make ugly fucking short ass baby's together. I don't really care anymore.

Back to the point: So, I've known TripAndFall for about...five months? Not 100% sure on that, but...yeah. Anyway. I really liked TripAndFall at the beginning of the year. He kissed once or twice, but then I guess things got weird for him, and he dropped me. So, new semester starts; he calls. I was like, okay..what the fuck. He wants liquer. I find him some, cuz I'm amazing like that. We start hanging out again. I was confused. One night, when I brought him beer, he drank a few, supposedly not feeling anything. I dunno if I believed him, but that's besides the point. Well, one thing led to another and some stuff happened. I had asked him if he was gonna drop me again. He said no; I believed him. I call him two days later: Nothing. I'm freaking out because..well I dunno why, but I did. So I texted him and was like, "Why are you avoiding me?" He said he needed some space from everyone; I understood. So I gave him some. This was two weeks ago. I texted him and was like..."What the fuck man." Okay, not really just like that, but ya know, in a nicer tone. No reply. Still no reply. So I see him at Dinner tonight while eating with one of my friends. I smile at him. He just looks down and keeps walking. I just stand there, in shock. My thought process... wow..what the hell did I do? So then, when I turn around to go back to my seat, where he conviently sits close by so I can see him out of the corner of my eye, over walks this girl. This girl being, UglyBitch. And she really deserves this name. Damn she was un-attractive. But I'm pretty sure he sat there so I could be like, Wow, you asshole. And if that was his intention, it worked. Gah.

So later, whilst at work, I call FlowerBoy, and I'm like, If you didn't know me, would you think I was pretty if I was just walking down the street?. Conceited, I know, but..damnit, after what I had seen, I was like, please tell me I am pretty. He says that I am, and he means it. That's what I hate, I have like, this amazing guy that I have the potential to date...and I feel no attraction because he's too close of a friend. What a lame fucking cop-out. I hate that I'm attracted to Assholes.

SnowboardMan--Man, he's a hottie. I had a class with him. My dinner-friend might try to hook me up with him. I hear he's not an asshole. He got broken up with last because he was toooooo nice. We'll see.

So, all in all, I don't hate everyone. Just TripAndFell, UglyBitch, Ryan, CrazyBitch, and FlowerBoy. I really like everyone else, I do!

I feel better now...wooo. ♥
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