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don't protect me from myself

ya wanna know whatz weak as fuck is you bureaucracy humpin black eyed peas lovers can't take it that you're friends and family are stupid and irresponsible enough to KILL themselves in cars and everywhere while using drugs, alcohol, cars, guns and everything then it's gonna be blamed on the incidental substances or surroundings instead of the people, which in this case (although dead or disabled) become the victims or their own stupid irresponsible selves, so because their obviously blameless it all gets turned about to reflect poorly on the things involved, which by themselves have no bearing whatsoever with the incident. And sure I've had friends die from getting in the car with a drunk driver or things like that but it's got nothing at all to do with alcohol being negative! NOTHING, alcohol treats me and thousands of others very good each night, but the fact of the matter is, be it guns, drugs whatever. It's irresponsibility all the way. Stop attacking cigarettes and snow and shit. If you got fucked it's all you. Whatever it might have been, stupid shit happens everyday but that doesn't mean someone should have to protect ME from MYSELF. Leave me the hell out of your problems! why the hell do I get fined because I don't have a helmet, seatbelt, permit Kids are out there abusing all the fun things in life, and thats how it is. but goddammit you paper cumming fucks need to stop it with the legislations! I should not be affected by any of that shit goin down in LA LA has some fucked up people and they need more laws, fuck so cal.
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Now that's what I call a rant. Very well done.
wow thanks, I can't believe I wrote that! lol yeah that's pretty cool to read again... so much energy and so much I try not to think about

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Спасибо за упоминание статьи, она была написана, - но редко делятся. - Не защищайте меня от меня самого! - Да, переводчик является удивительным.